Making his kids proud! Kevin Jonas reflected on the first time his daughters — Alena, 8, and Valentina, 5 — watched him perform as a member of the Jonas Brothers, revealing that it wasn’t until the band’s 2019 reunion.

“The first time they ever saw a show was on the Happiness Begins tour, and having them in the audience and seeing them be a part of this part of my life is really cool,” the eldest Jonas Brother, 34, told People in an interview published on Friday, June 17. “For so long, it wasn’t something that Dad was doing. When they’re there, all I’m doing is playing for them.”

He and wife Danielle Jonas married in 2009 and welcomed their first daughter in February 2014 with baby No. 2 arriving in October 2016. The couple welcomed their girls following the band’s October 2013 split, so it’s no surprise that Alena and Valentina are just getting used to their dad being a major rockstar.

Kevin Jonas Family

Danielle, 35, told the magazine that she and the girls “couldn’t be more proud” of Kevin. The jewelry designer added, “We never thought it was going to happen again,” referring to him performing.

Now that the Jonas Brothers are back together and making new music, Kevin is focused on the balance of fatherhood and fame. He’s also getting used to free time with his wife since Alena and Valentina are both in school.

“As our daughters start to get older and actually become a little bit more independent, so much has changed,” he shared, noting that “it’s been really cool” to spend weekdays with Danielle. “We’re doing this new independent phase and starting to do our own thing again,” he added.

While the girls continue to grow up and his and Danielle’s relationship stays strong, Kevin explained that he wants “to be present as much as possible and available as I can be even in the midst of being pulled in so many different directions with the challenges of our lifestyle.” The Camp Rock alum added, “It’s all about being there when you can.”

Previously, Kevin spoke with the “Chicks in the Office” podcast in October 2019 about getting back to the tour life and being with his family.

“It’s hard,” the musician explained to the podcast hosts at the time. “I fly home as much as I can. Say we have a day off, [I] get up at 5 and fly home, turn it around the next morning, and I’ll be home for 18 hours. There isn’t much of a balance … but at least you’re there.”