It seems like all of Bachelor Nation quickly sided with Jordan Kimball following the allegations that his Bachelor in Paradise fiancée Jenna Cooper cheated on him, and on Oct. 3, Kevin Wendt and Astrid Loch explained why that is. 

As soon as they were asked about the situation on The Morning Toast, Astrid and Kevin exchanged a knowing glance and started cracking up laughing. “Whose team are you on?” asked Claudia Oshry. “Well Jordan’s coming to Toronto in like two weeks,” said Kevin, confirming he’s still close friends with the outspoken reality star.

When it comes to Jenna, they seem to agree. “We do dramatic readings of her Instagram posts, because they’re insane,” said Astrid, admitting that Kevin immediately got weird vibes from the blonde bombshell. “He had like… he would like hint at me, I was super close [with her], I just thought, I didn’t really think anything of her, but he would kinda make comments here and there.”

“I think because I was friends with Benoit, and when he showed up, the things that she was saying to him, and then going back to Jordan, I remember just thinking she might have a different motive,” explained Kevin. “But we weren’t too shocked. Were you shocked?” he asked Astrid.

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“I mean, I just don’t understand why somebody would type that up in a text message, like send a voice memo,” she joked. “Are you asking to get caught?! I don’t get it.” Of course, Jenna still maintains that she didn’t send the texts in question, and insists that she has evidence to prove she didn’t do it. Jordan, on the other hand, doesn’t believe her. But Kevin and Astrid know just how to get to the bottom of it.

“I’m waiting for CSI Miami,” said Kevin. “Like Horatio’s going to show up!” teased Astrid. “He’ll have a little microscope with Jenna’s phone like… yeah, I’m excited for that,” Kevin concluded. TBH, so are we.

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