Between a very public breakup and a very public sibling feud, Kourtney Kardashian has had one hell of a week! Needless to say, she’s definitely due for some well-deserved compliments. Thankfully, her sister, Khloé Kardashian, was able to make that happen. 

On Aug. 9, the mother-of-one took to Instagram to show off a stunning picture of everyone’s favorite KarJenner pair. While there’s no denying that Koko looked great, Kourt definitely stole the show.

“Kourt didn’t want me to post this picture but I think I put enough filters on it to make us both happy!” Khloé began. But the real kicker is when she pointed out Kourt’s, ahem, assets: “PS. Kourt, tell your perky boobs to calm down. I wonder what oil is used on them. Maybe that’s my problem,” she added. 

Of course, it didn’t take long for all the Kourtney love to start rolling in. “Kourtney is killing every aspect of this outfit! Makeup, pose, body, everything!” one fan wrote. “Uh, OK, [Kourtney Kardashian] what bra is that? Tell me now, please,” added another. One simply wrote: “Kourt’s boobs are popping, sis!” 

Additionally, a lot of Khloé’s followers began clapping back at Kim Kardashian‘s statement that Kourtney is “the least interesting to look at” in the family. Ouch. “Kourt is the most beautiful one. Forget what Kim has to say,” one user commented. “I don’t know how Kim could say to Kourtney that she is the least interesting to look at. Girl, Kourt is glowing!” added another. 

We’re glad to see that Kourtney’s beauty is getting the recognition that it deserves. That said, all of the Kardashian ladies are stunning and we hope that their (not so) little sibling rivalry calms down soon. After all, it’s important to set a positive example for all of their darling little ones.