The only thing Khloé Kardashian and Kylie Jenner have in common when it comes to food cravings is that they're both pregnant. The women are taking completely different approaches to food and nutrition during their pregnancies.

Khloé, 33, and little sis Kylie, 20, are both expecting their first babies early next year. But that’s where the similarities end, a source exclusively tells Life & Style. "Kylie’s not holding back when it comes to cravings,” says a family insider. "She’s eating for two, and she’s eating whatever she wants. Waffles and pancakes for dinner are not unusual.” Khloé, on the other hand, is on a fitness kick. “She’s still working out and eating as healthy as possible,” the insider says. “She’s all about salads and juicing."

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And their distinct food habits have trickled down to their relationships. While Kylie revels in dinners with beau Travis Scott, 25, ordering “Mexican, Thai food, and burgers and fries,” the insider says, Khloé “only picks at” the fried chicken, rice and beans boyfriend Tristan Thompson, 26, tries to get her to eat! Honestly, we commend Khloé for being so healthy, but we're sure eventually she'll give into a couple cravings. She is pregnant after all and juice and salads can only satisfy a person so much…

Plus, sources recently revealed that Khloé is already in her second trimester and is fighting some unhealthy cravings. "She is being extra healthy with her diet right now," the source explained. "So far, her pregnancy cravings have been sugary foods. She loves Oreo cookies!" Well, it looks like she's staying strong when it comes to choosing veggies over cookies. And considering her commitment to fitness we're sure she'll continue to exercise for as long as she can in order to preserve her body during the pregnancy. We can't wait until both Khloé and Kylie deliver their babies!

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