There are no hard feelings when it comes to music. Kim Kardashian jammed out to one of ex-husband Kanye West‘s best-known songs during the Louis Vuitton Spring/Summer 2024 menswear show in Paris on Tuesday, June 20.

Kim, 42, was seen singing and dancing along to Ye’s 2011 collab with Jay-Z, “N—-s in Paris” from their album Watch the Throne. The entrepreneur threw playful hand signs during the lyric, “To go Michael, take your pick/Jackson, Tyson, Jordan, Game 6,” in an Instagram video posted by her close friend and business partner Tracy Romulus. Kim loved it so much she reposted the video to her Instagram Stories.

kim kardashian sings kanye West Song
Courtesy of Tracy Romulus/Instagram

Jay performed a brief concert following new creative director Pharrell Williams‘ debut collection going down the outdoor runway. The music mogul was in attendance for the show with wife Beyoncé, and fellow stars in the A-list front row included Zendaya, Rihanna and A$AP Rocky and Jared Leto in addition to Kim.

The SKIMS founder had just given Kanye credit in an interview published earlier in the day for being “right” sometimes when it came to scaling back daughter North West‘s use of TikTok.

“I think it’s always tough when you’re coparenting and someone wants something and someone doesn’t, I would say,” Kim shared in a cover story with Time Magazine on June 20. “The Ice Spice videos, [North] said, ‘Mommy can I post this?’ I was out of town, so my nanny was there and [I] allowed it.”

Once she heard the raunchy lyrics, “I was like, no, no, no. We’re taking this down.”

The TikTok video was posted to the joint account shared by Kim and North in March and featured the 10-year-old singing Ice’s s song, “Boy’s a liar, Pt. 2.”

“So, I think that’s the trial and error sometimes,” Kim explained. “Then I saw on the internet that like, ‘Kanye was right,’ and maybe he was.”

Kanye has long been against North’s presence on the social media service, asking fans in a February 2022 Instagram post, “SINCE THIS IS MY FIRST DIVORCE, I NEED TO KNOW WHAT I SHOULD DO ABOUT MY DAUGHTER BEING PUT ON TIK TOK AGAINST MY WILL.”

After the Ice Spice video, the “Heartless” singer took to Twitter and told fans, “I just got off the phone with Kim. I told her to stop antagonizing me with this TikTok thing. I said I am not allowing my daughter to be used by TikTok … I have a say so. I’m happy you guys got to see a small piece of what I dealt with.”

For her part, Kim has defended daughter’s use of the platform and swore she would fight “for her to be creative.”

Kim filed for divorce from Kanye in February 2021 after nearly seven years of marriage. Their divorce was finalized in November 2022.