Editing fail? Kourtney Kardashian deleted a photo of her backside after being accused of “bad” Photoshop by fans.

The Keeping Up With the Kardashians alum, 42, shared a picture from her lifestyle website, Poosh, via her Instagram Story on Thursday, January 27. Kourtney’s back was to the camera and she could be seen looking over her shoulder while wearing a leopard-print robe and holding a glass. However, fans couldn’t help but point out the proportions of her butt looked off, considering it was taking up most of her body. 

Before the reality TV star had a chance to delete the post, a Reddit thread began calling out the lifestyle guru for seemingly editing her pic. 

“This is embarrassing,” one commenter wrote, according to Daily Mail. “At this point, the bad Photoshop must be intentional,” someone else added. “She really thought she would get away with this and everyone would be like, ‘Yeah, that’s real, Kourtney!'” another user quipped.

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Courtesy of Poosh/Instagram

The Kardashian-Jenner family is no stranger when it comes to getting accused of altering their pictures. Kim Kardashian was called out on January 25 when she posted a bikini photo where her leg and knee were noticeably edited.

The KKW Beauty founder, 41, posed in a black thong swimsuit in a series of pictures via Instagram. In the very last photo of the slideshow, many followers pointed out that there was a large indent on her right thigh, slimming down her leg all the way to the calf. When compared to her left leg, the error seemed obvious. 

“So that one leg don’t look funny to ya???” one person asked in the comments, while another wondered, “Who Photoshopped her leg like that?” A separate user asked, “Babe is your leg OK?”

Khloé Kardashian has also been accused of Photoshop on multiple occasions. On January 13, she shared a gallery of photos of herself modeling a white dress. “I forgot we took these photos a few weeks ago,” the Good American founder, 37, captioned the post.

While she looked gorgeous, fans thought her fingers looked impossibly long, and the comment section became flooded with Photoshop accusations.

The famous family does most of their communicating with fans through social media, which KoKo previously called a “gift” and a “curse.”

“There’s been so many days that I’m like, I feel so badass and good. And then, my demeanor will be shot down because someone posted a story about how they perceive me or how they think I look,” she explained to Health. “Normally, when you’re older you turn into titanium. Sometimes, I let that stuff get to me, and I have to actively drown that noise out.”