Why go shopping when Kris Jenner is your mom? “She never gets rid of anything when it comes to clothes,” a source exclusively tells Life & Style. “She has a storage unit of all her old stuff — vintage this and vintage that — that the girls raid.”

While Kris’ daughters, Kourtney, Kim, Khloé, Kendall and Kylie, have varied wardrobes, the Keeping Up With the Kardashians executive producer, 64, “has a very classic style,” the insider adds. “Things are pulled for her and sent to the house; she has been wearing a good pantsuit forever for meetings.”

Of course, because all of Kris’ children are young and in the spotlight, she does her best to stay on-trend. However, she never strays too far away from her roots … no matter what the haters have to say. “Some people criticize Kris for dressing too young for her age, but it’s absolutely not true, she’s always age-appropriate in her looks,” says the source.

Kris “needs to be professional in everyday life. You will hardly ever see her in sweatpants or lounging in pajamas all day,” the insider continues. “Even if she’s not going anywhere, she gets dressed.” Considering Kylie Jenner was spotted wearing sweatpants to a celebrity hotspot in Los Angeles on August 22, it’s safe to say not all of Kris’ children inherited her sophisticated taste.

That said, there is some definite fashion crossover. “Like her daughters, bags are her weakness. She’s obsessed with every style, every look and she buys them for herself,” reveals the source. “She’s also incredibly generous. If she sees things she knows the girls will like, she buys it for them.”

As for some of Kris’ strict style rules, she’s “never been afraid” to play with color, but overall, she “does love black,” the insider notes. “She doesn’t think you can ever have enough black in your wardrobe and that’s why you’ll see her in something dark 90 percent of the time.”

Over the years, Kris has had some seriously memorable style moments, and it’s not hard to see why!

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