It looks like Krystal's time on The Bachelor may finally be coming to an end — if a teaser for next week's episode is to be believed! In the trailer, a group of girls seemingly tell Arie Luyendyk Jr. that the fitness coach is making up lies about him, which causes the race car driver to accuse the blonde beauty of "going after his character."

Though we don't know what that means yet, plenty of fans are hoping it's a sign that the high-pitched 29-year-old will be sent home. "I just wanna poke Krystal in the eye just one good time just so she stops talking," one viewer wrote on Twitter, while another added, "Arie picking Krystal over Caroline tells you this show is fixed! There’s no way any sane man would pick her over any other lady." But a third appreciates the villain for what she brings to the table. "Krystal is perfect television and I never want her to go away," the user admitted.

The Montana native's "lies" weren't the only bombshell to be dropped in the promo. Tia confessed that she's already falling in love with Arie — and our opinion of the foul-mouthed Arkansan just did a complete 180. It looks like the 26-year-old earns a one-on-one date in Episode 5, and decides to get a little extra attention by professing such strong feelings for a guy she's talked to maybe twice, and definitely cried in front of both times.

Chelsea is the other lucky lady to snag an individual date, and her mission is to get Arie to see her as more than just a single mom. Uh oh… we predict a PDA-filled excursion with a whole lot of seduction from the 29-year-old. Run for cover, Fort Lauderdale!

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