Not high! Lili Reinhart responded to fans asking if she was “stoned” on the Gotham Awards red carpet because her eyes appeared to be very red in photos. The Riverdale actress clapped back on social media one day after the swanky event and assured followers that she wasn’t partaking in any drug use.

“A few people think I was stoned last night. Truthfully, I was not,” the 23-year-old wrote on her Instagram Story on December 3. “I had slept for only [five] hours and I usually need at least [nine] hours to be a functioning human.”

Lili reinhart Bloodshot Eyes Gotham Awards
Andrew H. Walker/Shutterstock

The starlet also poked a little fun at her extremely ~perceptive~ fans. “But, thanks for pointing out my bloodshot eyes, nice to know you guys can tell when I’m dead inside,” she concluded her post and added a red heart emoji.

Although she may have been a little sleepy, the actress still looked stunning for the awards show. She rocked a little black Miu Miu dress with a diamond-studded collar that included an adorable black bow. Even her matching strappy sandals had glitzy detailing.

Lili Reinhart Black Miu Miu Dress Gotham Awards
Andrew H. Walker/Shutterstock

Her movie Hustlers was nominated for Best Feature — Marriage Story ended up winning the category — and her other costars including Jennifer Lopez and Constance Wu also attended the event.

It’s safe to say that the actress is spread pretty thin these days. Besides her booming movie and TV career, Lili is also putting her energy toward a book of poems titled Swimming Lessons that will be released in May 2020. Life & Style spoke exclusively with the A-lister about what fans can expect.

“To be honest, a lot … and I’m kind of calling the book a work of fiction more so than just, ‘This is all of my life and my experiences’ because to be honest, I find a lot of inspiration from other people and people that I don’t know and music, especially,” she explained at Tiffany & Co.’s celebration of Tiffany Men’s launch on October 11.

“You know, I can create a scenario in my head from a mood, so it kind of just goes on a journey from there. It’s not necessarily all experiences that I’ve been through,” Lili added. “It just sort of is a culmination of feelings turned into words if that makes sense and it’s not necessarily an experience. It’s more so just an atmospheric mood.”

Her new book sounds amazing. Now, get some rest!