Carsten “Bergie” Bergersen seemingly left Love Island U.S.A. on day one, but his second chance in the villa proved great as he found a connection in Casa Amor beauty, Taylor Smith. After taking third place during the August 28 final, fans are wondering if Bergie and Taylor are still together. 

What Challenges Did Bergie and Taylor Face in ‘Love Island U.S.A.’?

Upon his arrival in the Love Island U.S.A. villa, Bergie was honest about his lack of dating experience. While he was coupled up with Anna Kurdy on day one, host Sarah Hyland walked in with a surprise bombshell, asking the islanders to vote for their least compatible couple. 

After Anna and Bergie were chosen by their fellow cast mates, they had to decide between themselves who was going home. Being the gentleman he was, Bergie opted to leave, leaving Anna single in the villa. 

However, instead of being sent on a plane out of Fiji, Bergie was surprised with a date with two bombshells. While Bergie ultimately returned to the villa to continue his journey, it wasn’t until the relationship test, Casa Amor, that he found a true romantic connection with the hotel manager.

While Bergie was smitten with the Texas native, his family wasn’t so convinced. When the islanders received video calls from home, Bergie’s grandpa, who he is also named after, felt his relationship with Taylor wasn’t genuine. 

‘Love Island U.S.A.’: Are Bergie and Taylor Still Together?
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“Taylor is a beautiful woman but I have some reservations,” his grandpa began. “Because I haven’t seen spontaneous chemistry between the two of you. It looks more or less forced to me.” 

Despite Bergie’s family questioning their connection, Bergie and Taylor became boyfriend and girlfriend during their final date. 

“I was coming in here with no expectations, to be honest, but I had no idea that I was going to find a connection like we have,” Taylor told him during the August 28 episode. “You make me feel really great about myself and you make me feel special and important.”

Are ‘Love Island U.S.A.’ Stars Bergie and Taylor Still Together?

Bergie and Taylor placed in third place thanks to viewers’ votes on season 5 of Love Island U.S.A. 

Since leaving the reality TV series, Bergie and Taylor have continued their romance outside the villa. 

“I went completely out of my comfort zone and went on a dating show! I put my heart out there for everyone to see, and tried to pursue a romantic connection while being filmed!” the Minnesota native captioned a reflective birthday post via Instagram on September 1. “Some may say I failed miserably, especially if you were watching those first few episodes! But, I ended up accomplishing everything I wanted to and more! I met Taylor and our relationship continues to grow and I can’t wait to see what this year brings for us!”