Hasn’t changed a bit! Luke Pell is still a total heartthrob since appearing on JoJo Fletcher’s season of The Bachelorette and Bachelor Winter Games. Keep reading to see who Luke is dating, where he lives and more!

JoJo eliminated the Texas native after hometown dates in lieu of Chase McNaryRobby Hayes and Jordan Rodgers, whom she went on to get engaged to during the finale. He left heartbroken and some fans even favored him to be the next Bachelor. However, the honor went to Nick Viall.

In 2018, the West Point grad appeared in the reality dating franchise again on Bachelor Winter Games. He was quickly smitten over NastassiaStassi” Yaramchuk from the Swedish Bachelor. “We have this deep connection that’s completely coincidental. It’s serendipitous, really,” he said while they were getting to know each other during the debut season. “We have this connection that’s undeniable, and I can see myself falling in love.”

However, Stassi claimed on the reunion episode the veteran ghosted her after the cameras stopped rolling. “He took so much effort to really understand me … It seemed so real,” she told Chris Harrison. “And then, it was nothing. After the show, it was nothing.”

The stud tried noting their “differences” wouldn’t have worked in the real world, but the Belarus-born model said he “didn’t even try.” 

Luke Pell and Nastassia “Stassi” Yaramchuk Bachelor Winter Games
ABC/Paul Hebert

“Yeah and I apologize for that,” Luke said to try and curb the awkwardness. “I didn’t want to be confusing in any way about that. After our conversation, we were both saying, ‘Hey, this might be, you know, the end of us in a dating relationship.'” Luke now resides in Nashville. The entrepreneur founded clothing brand Country and is the co-owner of Black Tie Moving Company. He hasn’t given up on love, either.

He dated former Miss Wyoming Holly Allen on-and-off during 2018. A few months after their relationship ended for good, he struck up a romance with on-air host Amanda Mertz. While it seemed they may have gone their separate ways in 2019 after eagle-eyed fans noticed he did not follow her on Instagram, the two announced their engagement in July 2022.

“It feels like a long time coming,” Luke told People. “There’s other points in my life which I thought I was much closer to it. And now, I’m finally there. So [I’m] really excited — and excited about the next season of life.”

The outlet reported that Luke pulled out all the stops for the romantic proposal in Italy, hiring a local music group to play as he asked Amanda the big question.

On July 9, Luke opened up to Us Weekly about their wedding plans, noting that they initially wanted a destination wedding but changed their minds.

“We’re leaning toward doing it on our ranch in Texas,” he said, adding that they are “shooting for spring of ’23,” for their ceremony date.

The former reality star also revealed that he and Amanda are “excited to start planning a family and get to that point.”

“I think we want two,” the Bachelor National alum said, referring to how many children they want to have. “I know we both want a family and we both have talked about that and agree on that.”