From material girl to filter queen! Madonna clapped back at speculation that she had plastic surgery in an Instagram video posted to her main profile on Sunday, April 11. 

The “Vogue” singer, 63, flaunted her iced out necklaces while having a Bratz Doll filter on her face. In the video, her face was morphed to the iconic doll shape with added pink sunglasses and hair clips. 

“These are ice links. They’re so dope and they’re not even real,” Madonna said while showing off her necklaces. ““But everything about this filter is real! It’s really, really cute.”

“Absolutely no regrets,” she said after exposing her tongue to the camera

The pop icon posted a TikTok on April 3 while using a heavily face altering filter on her face, concerning fans that she went under the knife. “I’ve loved Madonna since I was little … huge fan … love her … but this is a hard pass … what has she done to herself,” a fan wrote in the comment section. 

Fans in Madonna’s comment section seemed to enjoy her sense of humor. “Bratz doll queen,” an Instagram user wrote. “Literally the funniest person I know,” another said. 

The “Like a Virgin” artist also posted the video on her TikTok account with the caption, “It’s been a tough week … ”

People came to the musician’s defense in the comments section after her recent video received a ton of backlash. “It’s funny when people hate on Madonna for having a good time with the same technology they do. She will always be cooler than them,” one comment read. 

Other fans expressed their love to the “Material Girl,” especially those who have admired her for decades. “I have loved and admired this woman for 30+ years and she is the queen of pop [red heart emoji],” a fan commented under Madonna’s TikTok. “I love you Madonna! Don’t give a s–t what anyone thinks.”

Madonna has yet to admit to having any cosmetic procedures done to her face, although that hasn’t stopped critics to assume otherwise. After an impromptu New Years Eve performance in 2018, the Grammy award winner was accused of having butt implants.

“Desperately seeking no one’s approval and entitled to free agency over my body like everyone else!” the Evita actress wrote on a 2018 Instagram post responding to the body altering accusations