TMI! Singer Meghan Trainor revealed she and husband Daryl Sabara “poop together” and have “two toilets” side-by-side in their bathroom since welcoming baby No. 1, son Riley. 

The couple, who wed in December 2018, were exposed by Meghan’s brother, Ryan, while the siblings appeared on comedian Nicole Byer’s podcast, “Why Won’t You Date Me?

“You guys are maniacs,” Ryan said about the “All About That Bass” singer and the Spy Kids actor. “It’s way too much. I need my personal space … They poop together!!!”

Meghan Trainor Two Toilets Daryl Sabara

Meghan clarified their situation, noting that “nobody” knew about their interesting setup. “In our bathroom, there was one toilet. A lot of the time, in the middle of the night when we’re with the baby, we’ve got to pee at the same time,” she explained, adding that they asked a contractor to put “two toilets next to each other.” 

Although Meghan’s strange request was initially laughed at, she assured the contractor that she was not joking. “We got two toilets sitting next to each other,” she said. “We’ve only pooped together twice … We pee at the same time a lot.”

It’s no secret the “Lips Are Movin” singer absolutely adores her supportive hubby. “It’s the beginning of an awesome, whole new life,” Meghan gushed to People shortly after they walked down the aisle. “I got way more than I ever wished for. Every day feels like our first date. He treats me like a queen. My life is like a fairytale.” 

For his part, Daryl noted he’s the “luckiest guy in the world.”

The two became parents to son Riley in February 2021, and the “Better When I’m Dancin’” singer loves being a mom.

“I cry tears of joy because I’m too emotional and my hormones are all over the place, but I’m like, this is all I’ve ever wanted. But then on top of it, I’ve also found this new, burst of energy and motivation to just better myself in every way,” she told PopCulture. “I never have had that ever until I had this baby. It’s like looking at him, I’m like, ‘I want to accomplish the world for you.’ You know? To inspire him.”