Traveling with an infant is hard enough, but former Bad Girls Club star Natalie Nunn‘s holiday flight was made worst by an American Airlines employee she accused of discrimination. The reality star took to social media to call out April Long, who she claims asked her is she was sure she was in first class on her flight back to Sacramento from Indianapolis.

“Now a lot of you who follow me know me and know I held my composure as she looked me up and down and at one point took us off the flight then rebooked me to have given my seats up and handed me seats not even next to my husband as we were traveling with my infant,” she wrote. However, it was what the employee did to her seven-month-old daughter Journey that made Natalie really angry. Watch the video for the infuriating details.

Natalie, 32, went on to add that she had accumulated over 700,000 miles with the airlines and had never experienced such a rude employee. Eventually, after Natalie tweeted about the experience, another employee came forward and changed her family’s seats back to first class. She even shared a note from another employee who revealed that April was known for her discriminatory behavior.

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“I’m taking a risk reaching out to you,” the anonymous worker wrote. “I cam in today to hear all that happened yesterday. I just kept quiet and went to social media… I have a lot to say as a black woman, but I’m treading thin waters right now. I would be putting my job at risk but I really have a lot to say! OMG, I truly I was there yesterday. This is an injustice. This has to stop now.”

According to TMZ, sources reveal the mix-up was caused when Natalie changed her ticket but forgot to pay the difference. However, a rep for the airlines said they are still investigating the incident.