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9 Modern Engagement Ring Gems That Are So Much Cooler (and Cheaper!) Than Your Standard Diamond

Who said every engagement ring has to be the same?! For decades, diamonds have reigned supreme as the engagement jewel, but we think it’s time to get a little more creative. There are plenty of non-diamond alternatives that can fit your personal style better, and the best part is — many cost less than a diamond! Scroll through the gallery below to see some of the fresh gem options to signify your everlasting love.

Just because these gems are unique, doesn’t mean it’s completely weird to opt for a non-diamond engagement ring. “A recent survey we conducted supports that gemstone engagement rings are becoming increasingly popular, finding that 1 in 5 adults (20%) would prefer an engagement ring featuring a sapphire or other colored gemstone, and 22% of millennials are open to the idea of diamond simulants like moissanite,” explained Kathryn Money, VP of Strategy and Merchandising for Brilliant Earth. “This survey also found that roughly half (46%) of adults don’t think an engagement ring needs to feature a diamond.” We couldn’t agree more!

As a matter of fact, different kinds of rings are becoming more popular in recent years because they offer so many possibilities. “Customers are increasingly seeking products that express their individuality and are drawn towards uniqueness,” explained Kathryn. “Brides want a ring that isn’t like everyone else’s. This is manifested in many different ways, such as choosing a distinctive ring setting, using a fancy (non-round) diamond, or opting for a colored gemstone, such as a sapphire, in lieu of a diamond. Because gemstones are available in every color of the rainbow, couples can select a favorite hue, the most flattering tone for a bride’s skin, or a ring to match the bride’s eyes – creating an incredibly personalized and meaningful engagement ring.”

But the best part? These gems are often even cheaper than your typical diamond sparkler. “Many couples love that they can purchase a non-diamond ring at a lower price point and get a larger gemstone and more look for less,” said Kathryn. “Opting for a colored gemstone allows couples to maximize size without sacrificing rarity or a more elaborate setting design.” Sign us up! Scroll through the gallery below to see some of our favorite options for non-diamond engagement rings. 

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