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North West Is the Princess of Hair Transformations: See Photos of Her Cutest Styles and Colors!

Kim Kardashian’s eldest child, North West, has the most gorgeous hair and is always rocking the cutest styles. The celebrity child often shares how she properly cares for her gorgeous locks and her favorite hairstyles with fans on TikTok – and they are quite impressive!

The SKIMS founder has always made sure North’s hair was on point ever since she was little. From her natural curls to slicked-back updos, she has worn them all very well!

In 2018, Kim shared a precious photo via Twitter of North giving her dad, Kanye West, a kiss on the cheek while he flashed a wide smile. North was sporting straight hair in the snapshot, leading some people to slam Kim for “ruining” her curly hair.

The Kardashians star responded to the outpour of opinions, tweeting, “She is allowed [to straighten her hair] twice a year, on her birthday and birthday party! This pic was taken back in June on her bday.”

Now that North is old enough to style her hair, she often posts hair care content on TikTok through the account she shares with her A-list mother. In fact, she even posted the full process she goes through to achieve her sleek box braids in January 2023.

North compressed the process into a minute-long video that showcased her at-home salon treatment. However, there’s one thing that she can do better than anyone – and that’s laying her edges.

For instance, Kim and North posted a precious mommy-daughter bonding video of the pair joining forces to do her hair for school in February 2023. The duo prepped North’s hair by dampening it with water and sectioning it off before brushing through her voluminous locks.

Then, Kim transformed her eldest daughter’s hair into her popular “wet flip bun” hairstyle. While the Keeping Up With the Kardashians alum slicked back North’s hair during the final step, North assigned herself the task of laying her edges, which turned out to be a complete slay.

Now, there’s always an exception to a rule and that applies to miss Chicago West. While North usually tends to her edges, she allowed her younger sister, Chicago, to style them – and posted a three-minute video of the process.

“This is so good, Chi. Are you going to be a hair person when you’re older,” North asked Chicago, while getting pampered at the sister salon in the January 2023 TikTok.

Of course, North returned the favor and transformed her little sister’s hair into a work of art! Keep scrolling to see North West’s hair transformation over the years.