They’re as close as family. Paris Hilton spoke with Life & Style exclusively at the Paris Hilton partners with The Glam App launch to rave about Kris Jenner and how supportive her “aunt” has been over the years. Spoiler alert: these two are tight!

“I will say this. I’m so happy that Kris came to support tonight. I’ve known her since I was a little girl and she’s just such an incredible businesswoman, and family and I consider her one of my aunts,” the 38-year-old gushed on June 19. “I have known her my whole life. I love her so much.”

Kris Jenner and Paris Hilton

The gravity of the 63-year-old’s support wasn’t lost on the heiress, who understands the importance of women standing by each other. “It means a lot that she always supports me in everything I do. And that’s how we are,” she revealed. “All about girl empowerment. Girls sticking together.”

Girl power, indeed! If you’re curious about how Paris and Kris got so close over the years, look no further than the Hilton fam. Paris’ mom, Kathy Hilton, and her sister Kyle Richards (yes, from Real Housewives of Beverly Hills) are very good friends with Faye Resnick, another RHOBH familiar face. Faye is a longtime BFF of Kris’. There you have it — L.A. must be a lot smaller than we realize.

Kris Jenner and Paris Hilton

Kris isn’t only non-family member Paris feels a lot of love for. Recently, she gushed about her longtime friend Sofia Richie, little sister of her The Simple Life costar and friend Nicole Richie. Believe it or not, the pair are still super close to this day.

“She is so amazing. I love her,” she told Us Weekly. “She’s like my little sister. I’ve known her since she was born and now to see her grow up into this amazing, beautiful woman … She’s so mature and has such a good head on her shoulders.”

Seems like Paris has a lot of good folks in her life right now!