Paris Hilton sees traces of herself and her sister, Nicky Hilton, in her two children. The socialite opened up about her kids’ personalities on the Monday, April 22, episode of her “I Am Paris” podcast.

“Well, [London’s] only 5 months old, but I can already tell that she is very serious and so sweet,” Paris, 43, shared. “[She] reminds me so much of my sister Nicky.” The podcast host added that her son, Phoenix, 15 months, is more like her.

“[London] actually looks fairly similar to Nicky,” Paris dished. “Like when I look at my baby pictures, Phoenix is my twin and then little London looks like Nikki. So it’s so cute just to compare all those photos together.”

Paris did not share photos of London on social media for the first few months of her life. She debuted the first images of the youngster in a family photo shoot on April 19.

“With Mother’s Day around the corner, I couldn’t resist introducing the world to my baby girl London and sharing these precious moments of our family together,” she explained. “Phoenix and London are everything to me and I feel like the luckiest woman in the world to be married to the love of my life and have our beautiful family. We make the absolute best team and my life finally feels complete.”

Paris shares Phoenix and London, who were both born via surrogate, with husband Carter Reum. The proud mom previously opened up about her decision to use a surrogate and said it stemmed from the alleged sexual and physical abuse she experienced at Utah’s Provo Canyon School.

“If I’m in a doctor’s office, I get a shot, anything, I will literally have a panic attack and I can’t breathe,” she admitted. “I just knew that would not be healthy for me or the baby, growing inside of someone who has such high anxiety.” Plus, using a surrogate worked better with her “busy” schedule.

Before Paris finally shared photos of London, fans were flooding her social media pages with comments asking why she was hiding the newborn. As Life & Style exclusively reported, the former reality star decided to “protect her daughter from the spotlight [for] as long as possible” after previously receiving hurtful comments about the size of Phoenix’s head in his baby photos. 

“She doesn’t feel like she owes anyone an explanation,” the source shared.

With her two children less than one year apart, Paris confirmed that they’re growing up like twins. “It’s so cute just to see them together,” she gushed on her podcast. “He is just so sweet and gentle with her.” She also added, “I’m just so excited to watch them grow up together and be best friends.”