Harry Jowsey confirmed that his ex-girlfriend Georgia Hassarati cheated on Dom Gabriel with him during the premiere episode of Netflix’s Perfect Match season 2.

“I didn’t watch the first season of Perfect Match because I had three ex-girlfriends on it,” Harry, 27, said, referring to Georgia, 27, Francesca Farago and Chloe Veitch. “All I know is that the perfect match wins, and on the last season, the perfect match didn’t win because she cheated on that guy with me.”

“That guy” happened to be Dom, 30, who walked away with the title and what he thought was a pretty solid relationship with Georgia. However, Georgia seemingly had a different take on things, and eventually their behind-the-scenes feud blew up online when the Australian native appeared as a guest on Harry’s former podcast, “Tap In With Harry Jowsey.”

The title of Georgia’s episode was “Georgia Hassarati and Harry Jowsey Fell in Love!?” which Dom took issue with, but Georgia claimed that The Mole alum never mentioned having a problem with it to her.

“Since Dom would rather communicate online than face to face, this is for you, Dom. You are so ‘unbothered,’ but you never spoke to me about having issues with the title of a podcast I had no say in creating,” Georgia wrote on her Instagram Story at the time.

The Too Hot to Handle season 3 star claimed that she and Dom were staying in a hotel when the podcast recording happened. When she returned to the room, Dom had left to go have dinner with Perfect Match season 1 costar Ines Tazi.

The Toronto, Canada, native clapped back at Georgia’s claims.

Perfect Match’s Harry Jowsey Says Georgia Cheated on Dom

“Man, f–k it. Can someone confirm if it’s illegal to post screenshots from text conversations? Or do I need consent? If I do. If everything you’re saying is TRUE and GENUINE. Gimme consent, please,” Dom wrote via his Instagram Story in March 2023 and added that he invited Georgia to come along to the dinner in question.

Georgia then claimed that Dom “stopped replying” to her texts shortly after filming for Perfect Match season 1 wrapped. She previously claimed that her relationship with Dom was over before she met Harry.

“When me and Harry pursued any kind of romantic relationship, I had ended everything with Dom and the relationship we had prior to me going on that podcast was going to end, it was not in a good place,” she said during a March 2023 appearance on “The Vial Files.”

All of the events occurred before Perfect Match season 1 began streaming on Netflix in March 2023.

Harry and Georgia began dating in June 2022, but had seemingly split by that fall. However, fans quickly picked up on a possible reunion between Harry and Georgia thanks to their social media when Harry was spotted in the background of one of Georgia’s vacation photos. In June 2023, the two split for good amid allegations that Harry had cheated on Georgia.