Netflix’s Perfect Match saw former reality stars coupling up and competing to be crowned the “Perfect Match.” But amid all the drama of season 1, fans are wondering if the dating experiment is real or really scripted. Keep reading to find out if Perfect Match is real, fake or scripted. 

What Is ‘Perfect Match’?

Single reality TV personalities paired off into couples as they competed against the other duos in various compatibility challenges to determine which two were the “most compatible.” After each challenge, the winning couple was sent a private date away from the villa and given the ability to select two new singles to enter the equation and shake things up by sending them on dates with members of other couples. Each time new contestants are welcomed, the singles then re-match and whomever is left standing being sent home. 

In the end, all the reality stars return for one last shakeup before the final five pairs are chosen and one is voted the “Perfect Match.”

Season 1 of the Netflix dating competition saw The Mole star Dom Gabriel and Too Hot to Handle’s Georgia Hassarati take home the title, beating out The Circle star Joey Sasso and Are You The One? alum Kariselle Snow. 

Is ‘Perfect Match’ Scripted?

While some reality TV series have their storylines largely influenced by producers and some even completely scripted, one Perfect Match star opened up about the authenticity of the dating experiment. 

“Everyone was themselves, no one was told to say or do anything,” Savannah Palacio – who became one of the villains throughout season 1 for her strategy and conflict with costar Francesca Farago – told Distractify on February 23. “And speaking for myself, I know that I made my own decisions on that show whether they were good or bad. I mean, I made those decisions myself. Everything that I said were my words, no one told me what to say, [and] nothing was scripted.”

The Circle alum went on to say that while the stars made their own decisions when it came to their matches, producers definitely had “a hand at editing” and “maybe stirring the pot.”

Despite Savannah’s claims, fans flooded the comments section after one viewer shared a clip that appeared to show inconsistent editing as Francesca’s headband was changing positions throughout one scene. 

“Watching Perfect Match, anybody else notice this? It’s supposed to be a competition, at least make it believable! [sic]” the viewer captioned a clip shared via TikTok.

Francesca caught wind of the debate and took to the comments to clear up the confusion. 

“My headband fell off mid way during this and I grabbed it off the floor and put it back on cos my hair was a MESS. They just edited that bit out [sic],” she commented under the post. “I duno why they edited it like this but this part wasn’t re done or anything. It just fell off, which is why it was so messed up on my head at the end [sic].”