A lot of the time, following a celebrity’s diet and fitness routine can be a daunting (read: painful) process. Fortunately, that’s hardly the case when it comes to Pink. The “So What” songstress, 40, happens to follow a totally doable regime and lucky for you, we’ve got all the details! 

Pink’s nutritionist Ariane Resnick exclusively revealed to Life & Style how the longtime pop sensation got in shape for her 2019 tour. “She had health goals around the body she needed for her tour, and I helped her to achieve them,” Ariane, who recently published How To Be Well When You’re Not: Practices and Recipes to Maximize Health in Illness, foreword by Pink, explained. “We did get where she needed to be completely.” 

Anyone who has ever embarked on a journey to change their body knows that “getting there” is the best feeling in the world and for Ariane, it’s all about making the process as enjoyable as possible. “It began as a diet and moved into a lifestyle change,” she explained of Pink’s diet.

P!nk in concert, Zurich, Switzerland

“The way that I work with people is really always with the goal for them to not have a miserable experience — for them to continue no matter how strict of a plan we’re following, for them to feel good and be happy with whatever they’re eating,” Ariane continued.

“So it began just like any usual process, it begins a bit more strict and then kind of lightens up over time as you get results. So by the time we finished, based on how much progress she made, it was really just a helpful version of regular food that people would eat in a normal way. Not so much like diet-ish at all.”

As far as the specific foods Pink was eating? “It changed with her progress,” Ariane explained. However, she did say that the proud mother of three was mainly consuming protein, veggies and fat. “We began in a more kind of typically keto way and then shifted and got a lot more incorporating of different foods after that.” 

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Ultimately, Ariane’s mission for Pink was to create “a sense of satiety, so that she wasn’t left feeling hungry.”

A diet that doesn’t *feel* like a diet? Sounds pretty amazing, if you ask us. Given how incredible Pink looks these days, it’s clear that it worked for her. You go, girl!

Reporting by Diana Cooper.

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