It’s that time of year again — for Botched to return to the small screen! Dr. Terry Dubrow and Dr. Paul Nassif have definitely worked with some unforgettable patients over the last four seasons — one in particular being transgender patient Rajee Narinesingh. She first appeared on the series hoping the E! stars could help remove cement injections from her face, breasts, and hips — and Life & Style can exclusively reveal that the “Shake My Cement T–ts” singer will return for yet another cameo this season!

“She’s back!” Dr. Dubrow confirmed to Life & Style earlier this week. Rajee’s first visit was during Season 1, when the docs decided it was too risky to operate. However, they wound up bringing her back in Season 3 and performed several surgical procedures to remove the harmful materials from within her. “She did great for a couple of years, then just what we were afraid of happening, happened,” he explained. “We woke a sleeping giant.”

The RHOC alum stayed mum on why exactly she wound up back in their practice, but it sounds like he and Dr. Nassif had their work cut out for them. “We have to take her back and do something even more dramatic. I think that’s gonna be a standout [this season],” he added.

Before she was saved by the Botched docs, Rajee sought plastic surgery from a fellow member of the transgender community, Oneal Ron Morris — also known as the “toxic tush doctor.” Oneal, who is not a licensed doctor, wound up killing one of her patients from her controversial practices. She was sentenced to 10 years in jail last March.

Rajee reflected on her experience with Oneal during her first appearance on the reality show. “I’m a transgender person and usually when you’re transitioning, hormones only do so much,” she shared.

“It was word of mouth in the community that there was someone in our community that did pumping. When I had the first surgery done, they sent samples to the lab and the results of that were that I had industrial strength silicone, which is really a kind of cement.” However, she admitted in 2016 that she forgave the “toxic tush doctor” for performing the failed procedure.

Botched returns for Season 5 on May 9 at 9 p.m. EST on E! For more exclusive content, sign up for our Life & Style newsletter!