Shots fired! Heather Gay is speaking out following her “messy” Real Housewives of Salt Lake City season 3 “black eye edit” — and slamming Bravo in the process.

“So much was happening outside the scenes that just didn’t track, and it was stupid,” the Bad Mormon author, 40, shared during a book launch event in Illinois on Tuesday, February 28. A TikTok user captured the moment a fan asked about her black eye storyline on the show, which Heather said was “weird” overall.

“I blacked out!” she added. “But there [were] cameras everywhere, and they should have footage of it, and I don’t know why they’re not showing it.”

Bravo did not immediately respond to Life & Style‘s request for comment.

The now-infamous black eye storyline was first teased in the RHOSLC mid-season 3 trailer when Heather removed her sunglasses and showed fellow Bravo star Meredith Marks a giant bruise around her eye. While fans didn’t get too many answers as the season continued to air, Heather eventually addressed the black eye speculation head on during the RHOSLC reunion.

Why Does 'Real Housewives of Salt Lake City' Heather Gay Have a Black Eye? Get Spoilers

The Beauty Lab and Laser founder admitted that she had “blacked out” during the cast’s trip to San Diego and truly “didn’t know” what happened to her eye.

“I went to my thing which is just humor, and just make it go away, and it didn’t go away,” Heather added. “But I certainly do not want to implicate anyone here, anyone on production. It’s my own guilt and shame about blacking out and not being able to explain it.”

Bravo boss Andy Cohen has expressed multiple times that he thinks fellow RHOSLC Jen Shah had something to do with the injury. Jen, who is currently serving 6.5 years in prison following her involvement in a nationwide fraud scandal, told Life & Style exclusively last month that she had “no comment” for Andy and his allegations.

“I personally know that she has not spoken to Andy Cohen since before the reunion where he called her directly to beg her to attend the RHOSLC [season] 3 reunion,” Jen’s rep shared in a statement on February 16. “That, coupled with the fact that we passed on the [one-on-one interview] six times seems to be where his aggressions lie.”

Ahead of her Bad Mormon book release on February 7, Heather spoke with Life & Style exclusively, sharing that she was “shocked” by the fan reaction to her black eye storyline.

“I didn’t know what would really eventually even be edited because there was so much going on behind the scenes,” the reality star admitted at the time. “You know, you wake up on a cast trip surrounded by cameras with a black eye.”

Heather added, “That’s kind of reality television, the one thing you don’t wanna talk about, everybody’s gonna talk about it.”