Dua Lipa and boyfriend Romain Gavras may be Hollywood’s hottest new couple after they went public with their relationship at the Cannes Film Festival in May 2023. The Greek director may not be a household name like his A-list lover, but he is successful and highly known in the entertainment industry! Keep reading to learn more about Romain and find out his net worth.

What Is Romain Gavras’ Net Worth?

Romain has an estimated $5 million net worth in 2023, according to multiple reports.

What Is Romain Gavras’ Job?

The Paris, France, native is known for his talent in directing music videos for some of the music industry’s biggest names. Romain has most popularly directed the music video for M.I.A.’s “Bad Girls” and Kanye West and Jay-Z’s 2011 video “No Church in the Wild.”

Although Romain is praised for his art, he is often criticized for the graphic and disturbing stories he directs – something he has no problem with.

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“I have saved so many hate comments from all over the world. I love that a 16-year-old kid from Yugoslavia is sitting behind his computer being so hateful because of something I did,” he told The Guardian in September 2010.

The actor even shared why big-name singers seek to work with him.

“They call me because they want – I don’t want to say the word because I don’t like it – but they want something ‘edgy’. In the end, they’re too scared [to go through with his ideas],” he continued. “I am only able to do it with friends. They’re totally cool with no trailers, guerrilla-style.”

Who Is Romain Gavras’ Family?

Romain may have made a name for himself, but he was born into the entertainment industry. He was born on July 4, 1981, and is the child of journalist and producer Michèle Ray-Gavras and Oscar-winning film director Costa-Gavras.

The Athena director was raised in a household centered around “politics and cinema,” which shaped the way he parents his teenage daughter.

“All the narratives are like that. A girl has something special inside her. Same thing with superheroes. They don’t work hard to have their superpowers. They get bitten by a spider and all of a sudden they’re magical. What does that teach: that one day you’re going to win the lottery? That’s why the only good superhero is Batman, because he doesn’t have superpowers, he’s just a rich vigilante,” he told The Guardian in September 2022. “Don’t tell kids they’re special. I have a 13-year-old daughter and I’m always telling her: ‘This stuff doesn’t exist. Life is work. Don’t expect a superpower.’”

When Did Romain Gavras Start Dating Dua Lipa?

Romain and Dua’s Cannes appearance occurred three months after they first sparked romance rumors. The duo left a party together in February 2023, per Entertainment Tonight, before they were photographed leaving a Saint Laurent Paris Fashion Week show hand-in-hand.

This is Romain’s first public relationship after his 2021 split from ex Rita Ora.