Jen Harley finally shared her side of the story after Ronnie Ortiz-Magro's shocking claims during the dramatic June 14 episode of Jersey Shore: Family Reunion. While chatting with his roommates, Ronnie confessed that he thought his baby mama was untrustworthy and said that she previously cheated on him. After the show aired, Jen broke her silence to explain what really happened during that rocky time in their romance.

"I'm sure he's referring to when we were dating for about a month or two," Jen spilled to Us Weekly. "We hadn't established a real relationship. My ex came back around. I had mixed feelings at the time. We just got out of a four-year relationship." It's been a very tough road for the new mom and dad, considering right around the time she gave birth, Ronnie and Jen got into a heated social media dispute which quickly turned ugly.

"This is all part of the Instagram fight we got into because of this incident," Jen explained. "When I came clean about this, he came clean about three times he hooked up with other girls in the same time period. We decided we wanted to be together and work though this and not to ever do it again." Ronnie eventually did take some responsibility for his choices on the latest episode, telling his roomates: “Nobody’s perfect. I did my dirt too so I can just say, like, ‘It was her.’ But everything I did was a reaction to her actions.”

Jen and Ronnie are currently on better terms as they raise their precious baby girl Ariana, but it hasn't been easy on them to say the least. Fans watched as Ronnie broke down in tears over the state of their relationship last night, stating, “I want a family, I want to be happy, I want to be in Mike [Sorrentino's] shoes. I want to propose. I want to have the feeling of more than just, ‘We’re together and we have a kid.’ I want more than that. Everyone else goes and lives their lives, and they’re f—king happy and I don’t have all the s—t they have. It’s just me. Who the f—k is the right person at this point?” Hopefully, time will help heal all wounds!