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Happy Sagittarius Szn! These Celebrity ‘Archers’ Are a Little Judgey and a Lot Philosophical This Month

It’s Sagittarius season, so use your big mouth to stand up for your biggest dreams. If you’re feeling forward, dedicated and a little philosophical, see yourself to a Sag to talk intellect — until y’all need a drink. These braggart bowmen are some of the most gluttonous of the signs — and their mouths are not only used for the gift of gab but also to pass judgment and do a little boasting. But, as a Mutable sign, these archers are all about exploration, travel and taking things to the next level. At the end of the day, this zodiac sign just wants to get in deep, show off their cutest outfit and then hit the minibar. If this reminds you of any celebs you know, just know they’re all about talking late-night dreams and philosophy with you this month … just don’t forget their cocktail. Scroll through to see our list of Sagittarius celebs, in no particular order. 

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