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They Can Sing? Addison Rae and Other Stars You Didn’t Know Had Great Singing Voices

Did you know some of your favorite celebrities can lay down sick vocals just like the best A-list singers?! These stars, including Sarah Hyland, TikTok star Addison Rae, Robert Pattison and more, continue to wow fans with their unexpected singing talent.

While some of the surprising names on this list sing and play musical instruments strictly as a hobby, others use their secret talent to advance their careers. Fans were shocked when Addison dropped her debut single “Obsessed” in March 2021, considering she had never shown off her vocal range on TikTok before.

It quickly became a huge hit thanks to the sassy lyrics and catchy melody. “I’m obsessed with me as much as you / Say you’d die for me I’d die for me too,” the Louisiana native sings. “And if I lost you, I’d still have me, I can’t lose / When you say that you’re obsessed with me, me too.”

Although Addison is best known for her dance moves on the social media app, it turned out music was part of a bigger plan. “From the beginning, I wanted to make sure that I was writing my own music,” she told Vogue during an interview at the time. “I remember jotting down lyrics when I was little and trying to figure out how to make them a song, [now] I’m learning every detail and from amazing songwriters.”

In the same way, Robert referred to music as his “backup plan” if acting didn’t work out. “I’ve never really recorded anything — I just played in pubs and stuff — and I really didn’t want it to look like I was trying to cash in,” the Lighthouse actor told the L.A. Times in 2008 after his songs “Let Me Sign” and “Never Think” appeared on the Twilight soundtrack. “I hope it doesn’t come across as that. I’m not going to be doing any music videos or anything. Music is my backup plan if acting fails. I don’t want to put all my eggs in one basket.”

However, his career has only gotten bigger since then, so we’re still anxiously awaiting an album from the Tenet actor! Keep scrolling to see more celebrities who may surprise you with their amazing singing voices.