BFFs for life, y’all! Selena Gomez took to her Instagram Stories to shout out her close pal and fellow singer Taylor Swift and gush about her new album, Lover, on September 6 — and needless to say, we love the reminder that this pop star friendship is forever.

“You’re just … unreal, dude,” the 27-year-old raved about the blonde beauty, whose latest record dropped on August 23. She even drew a pink heart around the title track, “Lover,” which she was listening to at the time. So sweet.

Selena Gomez Listening to Taylor Swift's 'Lover'

It’s great to see such positivity coming from the singer, who has dealt with a host of personal struggles over the last few years. In fact, a source confirmed to Life & Style exclusively that the brunette beauty is “finally in a good place, and happier than ever” back in June. She owes a lot of that to Taylor, 29, who has been a huge source of support.

“If Selena is upset, Taylor’s the first person she calls,” the source revealed, while a second insider said, “They’ve been through so much together and nothing will ever get in the way of their friendship.”

It’s been a long road for the former Disney star, who went through a lot prior to checking into a rehab facility back in October 2018 to work on herself. Luckily, the treatment stuck and she’s been able to make some serious breakthroughs.

“Selena desperately wanted to be happy,” the insider explained, “and that’s why she took this latest treatment so seriously. It hasn’t been easy, and she still sees a therapist regularly, but she’s managed to overcome many of her obstacles. She never wants to be in such a dark place again.”

We’re glad these two have each other’s backs in a real way. The most empowering thing you can do is help your fellow babe, y’all.