These crazy figures ~don’t lie!~ Shakira has amassed a jaw-dropping net worth after decades in the music business. How does she make money? Fans are dying to know. 

What Is Shakira’s Net Worth?

The Colombian songstress is estimated to be worth about $300 million, according to Celebrity Net Worth.

Shakira Net Worth: How the Singer-Songwriter Makes Money
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Considering she released her debut album, Magia, in 1991 when she was just 13 years old, it comes as no surprise that she’s grown into one of the biggest Latin singers in the world. 

How Does Shakira Make Money?

There is no denying that the “Don’t You Worry” singer is extremely popular all over the world. Shakira, who has released 11 studio albums and five compilation albums, has sold more than 125 million albums worldwide during her career. She is also ranked as the most-streamed Latin artist on Spotify and has two YouTube videos that exceed two billion views, making her one of only three female artists who have achieved such a goal. 

Her critically acclaimed songs, such as “Hips Don’t Lie,” “Beautiful Liar,” “Waka Waka” and “Loca,” have helped earn the songstress three Grammy Awards, numerous Latin Grammys and in 2009, Billboard named Shakira as the Top Female Latin Artist of the Decade. 

As far as the biggest checks the “Girl Like Me” artist has received during her career, Shakira penned a 10-year, $30 million per year deal with Live Nation in 2008, according to BBC News. The Zootopia actress leaving behind Epic records meant she was able to amass around $300 million during her contract. 

In January 2021, Shakira sold the publishing rights to about 145 of her songs to Hipgnosis Songs Fund. Although the exact amount of money that changed hands is not known, it’s believed the deal was around $100 million.

Shakira’s other endeavors include getting paid around $12 million to be a coach on The Voice in 2013. In January 2021, the “Deja Vu” singer sold her six-bedroom Miami home, whose neighbors included Jennifer Lopez and Matt Damon, for $11.648 million, Homes and Gardens reported at the time. 

Shakira Has Had Legal Troubles

Shakira was in a long-term relationship with Argentinian attorney Antonio de la Rúa for 11 years before their split in 2011. Although they ended their romantic relationship, the lawyer continued to oversee her business endeavors in the few months that followed their uncoupling. In 2012, he sued his ex for $100 million after she terminated her business partnership with him. His lawsuit was dismissed by a Los Angeles County Superior Court judge in August 2013. 

In July 2022, news broke that the “Suerte” artist was charged with six counts of defrauding the Spanish government between 2012 and 2014. Shakira rejected an out-of-court settlement that involved her admitting to wrongdoing. 

“Shakira has always cooperated and abided by the law, demonstrating impeccable conduct as an individual and a taxpayer, and faithfully following the counsel of PriceWaterhouse Coopers, a prestigious and globally recognized tax firm,” a spokesperson for Shakira told Daily Mail. “Unfortunately, the Spanish Tax Office, which loses one out of every two lawsuits with its taxpayers, continues to violate her rights and pursue yet another baseless case.”

By July 2023, Shakira was facing yet another case of alleged tax fraud against the songstress, claiming in the complaint that Shakira defrauded the Spanish Tax Office regarding her personal income taxes and assets in 2018, according to NBC News.