Stuck in the middle? Sam Logan is forced to choose between Alex Kompothecras and Juliette Porter during the new episode of Siesta Key airing on Tuesday, July 28. 

In the exclusive sneak peek, Sam and his friend Mike visit Juliette and Chloe Trautman at work. Sam quickly brings up Alex and pregnant girlfriend Alyssa Salerno’s gender reveal party. 

Of course, given the serious bad blood between Alex, Alyssa and Juliette, she wasn’t invited to the event. Moreover, Alex attempted to turn Sam against her. “He doesn’t want me to be hanging around and stuff,” he explained to Juliette and Chloe. “I feel like it’s a ‘pick a side’ type thing.”

In the end, Sam says he’s “for sure” choosing Juliette. As fans of the series know, the pair eventually started dating and are going strong to this day, but it wasn’t always easy!  

Juliette Porter Siesta Key MTV Sneak Peek
Courtesy of MTV

“Alex and him were sort of friends, and he didn’t really obviously like that Sam was dating me,” Juliette previously told Life & Style. “So that was a huge thing. Sam felt really guilty, but we’ve kind of moved on from that. Alex said horrible things to Sam, did horrible things to Sam. So Sam really just doesn’t care at all.”

Since all the drama, Juliette and Sam are “really happy,” the Florida native added.  “We have a solid group of friends and he treats me amazing. I’m happy with him. I trust him. He gives me a feeling that I never felt with Alex. And that’s like someone that actually is not going to hurt me. That sort of feeling … Sam is the sweetest ever. He’s so sweet. He’s so kind. And he’s funny.”

Juliette and Alex, who has since been fired from Siesta Key for past racist remarks, had a rocky relationship. In the first half of season 3, Alex cheated on Alyssa with Juliette and tried to cover it up. Eventually, Juliette called Alyssa herself to break the difficult news. “I f–ked your boyfriend in Nashville,” she confessed. 

Later, Juliette admitted the way she went about it was “very mean” and “very insensitive,” but it was necessary. “Alex was texting me really mean manipulative things and I just was kind of tired of it because I’d asked him for a very long time to tell the truth,” she told Life & Style.

“He kind of was manipulating me again, kind of saying like, ‘We’ll never be friends again. If you tell her,’ and all this stuff, and it was just a really bad situation,” Juliette continued. “I wanted to go home and keep my mouth shut …  it didn’t work out that way. This is how it happened and you know, that’s life. It makes great TV, right?”

You can catch new episodes of Siesta Key on MTV on Tuesdays at 8 p.m. ET.