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Obsessed With the Cast of ‘Siesta Key’? Get to Know the Stars From the Hit Reality TV Series

When it comes to reality TV shows that bring all the drama (and then some), Siesta Key definitely tops the list. With new episodes of the hit series returning to MTV on June 16, audiences can expect the gang to pick up right where they left off in March.

A lot went down during the first half of season 3, leaving plenty of unfinished business to come. Perhaps the juiciest storyline involves exes Juliette Porter and Alex Kompothecras. After the pair called it quits, Alex moved on with girlfriend Alyssa Salerno and Juliette moved on with The Bachelorette’s Robby Hayes.

Juliette later decided to end things with Robby because she still had feelings for Alex. After many drunken heart-to-hearts — including a six-hour phone call — and Alex making it seem as though he still loved Juliette, the pair eventually hooked up during a trip to Nashville.

The next morning, Juliette asked Alex if he planned on telling Alyssa. Based on his response, it seemed like Alex was going to come clean and he and Juliette would possibly get back together … but, of course, that’s not how things played out. 

After returning to Siesta Key, Alex denied spending any alone time with Juliette. That said, Chloe Trautman heard them hooking up in the other room and threatened to tell Alyssa if Alex didn’t buy her a Celine bag. 

While Chloe may have kept her word … sort of … in a sneak preview for new episodes, things come to a head when Juliette calls Alyssa herself to tell her what transpired.“I f–ked your boyfriend in Nashville,” she says, to which Alyssa replies, “I don’t believe you.” 

Speaking exclusively with Life & Style, Juliette admits the way she went about it was “very mean” and “very insensitive,” but it had to be done. “Alex was texting me really mean manipulative things and I just was kind of tired of it because I’d asked him for a very long time to tell the truth,” she recalls.

“He kind of was manipulating me again, kind of saying like, ‘We’ll never be friends again. If you tell her,’ and all this stuff, and it was just a really bad situation,” continues Juliette. “I wanted to go home and keep my mouth shut …  it didn’t work out that way. This is how it happened and you know, that’s life. It makes great TV, right?”

To learn more about the rest of the cast of Siesta Key, as well as what you can expect in the episodes to come, keep reading!