She’s killing it on the gym floor and in the bank! Olympic athlete Simone Biles has stolen America’s heart since she first competed on Team USA during the 2016 Olympic games in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. After qualifying for Olympic trials in June 2021 — and performing a never-before-seen move during the certifying match — for the upcoming 2021 Olympics in Tokyo, fans are interested to know more about the athlete … including how much money she has.

The Texas native has an estimated net worth of a whopping $6 million, according to Celebrity Net Worth. How has the gymnast accumulated so much wealth since the beginning of her career ten years ago? Here’s what we know.

Simone Is an Olympic Athlete

The competitor began her elite career at the 2011 American Classic in Houston, where she placed third all-around. The following year, she was named to the US Junior National team. In 2013, she moved up to senior elite and made her debut at the American Cup, a senior-level international gymnastics competition.

By 2014, the contender had won an incredible 14 World Championship gold medals. Two years later, she was selected to represent the United States at the Olympics for the first time. She won four gold medals and one bronze medal during the summer games.

According to a 2018 report from CNBC, Olympic athletes are paid $37,500 per gold medal, $22,500 per silver medal and $15,000 per bronze medal — so Simone’s Olympic wins have made her a collective $165,000 so far.

Simone Biles Net Worth
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Simone Has Endorsement Deals

The world champion has a range of endorsements with popular brands that supplement her gymnastics income, including Nike, Athleta and skincare brand SK-II. Prior to the 2016 Olympics, she shared the screen with several other national gymnasts in a popular commercial for Tide.

Simone Has a Social Media Following

With a following of 4.1 million on Instagram and another 1.2 million on Twitter, the athlete has the opportunity to partner with brands on paid social media posts — which can be incredibly lucrative when you’re the most decorated Olympic gymnast in the United States.

Simone Biles' Dating History Proves She Has a Thing for Athletes
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Simone Owns Property

In 2020, the starlet revealed she had purchased a new home, but kept the exact details about the property under wraps save for a few photos posted to her social media. Three years prior, Simone sold her 3,711-square foot childhood home in Houston for $289,000.