Sofia Richie, Scott Disick
Courtesy of Sofia Richie/Instagram; Scott Disick/Instagram

Couples who appreciate the environment together, stay together! Scott Disick and longtime girlfriend Sofia Richie celebrated Earth Day at the beach with their dog, Hershula, on Wednesday, April 22. Thankfully, the A-list pair wasn’t shy about their outing and posted lots of fun and flirty content on social media.

First, Scott, 36, took to his Instagram Story to share a snapshot of his pup with Sofia’s bikini-clad butt in the background. Shortly after, Sofia, 21, took to her own account. “So what are we calling summer 2020?” the up-and-coming actress captioned a photo of herself on a motorbike.

Of course, given the current coronavirus outbreak, Sofia sported a face mask … and Fendi sandals … you know, for fashion. Mirroring the model’s post, Scott shared a similar photo to his IG. “Earth Day at its finest,” he wrote. 

Scott Disick and Sofia Richie's Dog
Courtesy of Scott Disick/Instagram

Clearly, these two are making the most of their quarantine together. In fact, a source exclusively told Life & Style that Scott and Sofia have grown closer amid isolation. “They’re used to having a full house of friends, personal trainers, etc. … and just a lot of chaos,” the insider said. “They’ve slowed down so much that I think that when this is over they may appreciate each other more than they did before.”

As for what the lovebirds are up to? “They’re swimming a lot, looking for new properties to buy — it’s Scott’s passion — and cooking a lot and trying to just be in the moment and not think too much about the future,” the source added.

“They’re definitely not used to spending this much time together without Sofia’s friends or Sofia going back and forth to [her dad] or her mom’s house or even to Kylie [Jenner’s] house,” the insider continued. “They’re having dinner together, lunch and [even] breakfast every day, they spend time watching movies together and just talking one-on-one.”

We look forward to seeing more sweet couple moments from Scott and Sofia in the weeks to come!

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