Taylor Swift fans are loving how much boyfriend Travis Kelce gushes about her music, and some of them have started doing comparisons about what he’s said versus the “Karma” singer’s ex Joe Alwyn‘s statements.

Joe, 33, was with Taylor, 34, for six years, but went out of his way not to discuss her amazing talent. In a 2018 interview with GQ, he was asked to name her current No. 1 hit and responded, “I’m just not even going to go into that side of the world.”

Travis, 34, said of Taylor’s music, “That’s my everyday playlist, Not just my game day,” in a Tuesday, April 2, interview with Entertainment Tonight.

The Kansas City Chiefs star went on to gush, “It’s definitely been fun to experience her taste in music, for sure. She’s so amazing at what she does. And to find that creativity to see where she likes to pull things from and just, really, how she listens to music is very eye-opening for me. It’s been fun to hear her take on it.”

Taylor’s fans noticed how Travis was very particular about raving over her eight sold-out dates at London’s Wembley Stadium and thought that it could be a swipe at Joe, who is a native of England’s capital.

“Joe would have been like ‘We’ve discussed this, and we are actually keeping our musical tastes private,'” a fan commented under a clip of Travis’ interview shared to TikTok.. Another added, “The LONDON SHOWS? Oh, he knows she’s cooking up something!”

Taylor will be playing three dates at Wembley in June, with five more sold-out nights in a row to wrap up the Europe leg of her Eras tour on August 20.

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“Oh, you know I gotta go support. You know it,” Travis told ET of how he plans to attend some of her European dates, although he didn’t specify if he would be in London.

Other fans were so happy with how Taylor finally has a boyfriend who shares how much he adores her and is so proud of her career in a public way.

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“This man supports his woman. Love this couple,” one Swiftie wrote, while another commented, “Find yourself a man who celebrates your success like this.” Another added, “He is so proud of her. I love this man.”

Travis has been open about which Taylor songs he loves the most. In a press conference ahead of Super Bowl 2024, he was asked what his favorite Taylor tune was and responded, “Right now, I’d probably say ‘Anti-Hero’ just ’cause I hear it every single day.”

“‘Blank Space’ was one I wanted to hear live for sure. ‘I could make a bad guy good for the weekend.’ That’s a helluva line,” the Ohio native told WSJ magazine in November 2023, referring to her hit off of 2014’s 1989.