Taylor Swift’s close friend Keleigh Teller seemingly threw shade at Joe Alwyn following the release of her latest album, The Tortured Poets Department..

Keleigh, 31, took to her Instagram Stories on Friday, April 19, to share a screenshot of her listening to the song “So Long, London” on Spotify. While she didn’t write anything about the song, she did leave a peace sign emoji in the middle of the photo.

Fans have heavily speculated that the song is about Taylor’s past romance with Joe, 33. The former couple dated for six years before they split in April 2023. Despite being Taylor’s longest relationship, the pair were extremely private and kept details of their romance out of the spotlight. However, it was known that the “Cornelia Street” singer, 34, spent plenty of time in Joe’s native London when they dated.

In the song, Taylor bids farewell to the relationship and the city she spent a significant amount of time in over the years. “So long, London, had a good run. A moment of warm sun,” she sings in the chorus. “But I’m not the one.”

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The “Cruel Summer” singer adds that their relationship “died on the altar waiting for proof” of their “love.”

While Taylor has not publicly confirmed that the song is about Joe, the track has parallels to her 2019 song “London Boy,” which is also rumored to be about him. sShe sadly looks at the end of their romance in “So Long, London,” though “London Boy” is much more cheerful and details all of the things she loved doing with Joe in the city.

“So Long, London” was placed as the fifth song on the track list, which Taylor often reserves for the most emotional song on each album. However, she insisted she was no longer grieving the experiences detailed in her eleventh studio album while reflecting on the songs in a recent Instagram post.

The Tortured Poets Department. An anthology of new works that reflect events, opinions and sentiments from a fleeting and fatalistic moment in time – one that was both sensational and sorrowful in equal measure,” she wrote via Instagram immediately after the album was released. “This period of the author’s life is now over, the chapter closed and boarded up. There is nothing to avenge, no scores to settle once wounds have healed. And upon further reflection, a good number of them turned out to be self-inflicted.”

Taylor Swift's Pal Keleigh Teller Seemingly Shades Joe Alwyn Amid 'TTPD' Release
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The “Karma” singer continued, “This writer is of the firm belief that our tears become holy in the form of ink on a page. Once we have spoken our saddest story, we can be free of it.”

“And then all that’s left behind is the tortured poetry,” Taylor concluded in the caption.