In March, split rumors about The Bachelorette‘s Zac Clark and fiancée Tayshia Adams began making their way around the internet. Thankfully, they didn’t turn out to be true — and the couple’s relationship is stronger than ever! “We didn’t give it too much weight,” the season 16 contestant exclusively tells Life & Style. “Tayshia went on and kind of made a little statement on her Instagram, which I appreciated.”

Since getting engaged on The Bachelorette, Zac, 37, and Tayshia, 30, have learned to tune out “everything else that’s happening around them,” says the New Jersey native. “The most important thing is that this piece is strong, and as long as that’s strong, none of the other bulls–t matters.”

The breakup speculation spread like wildfire after Tayshia was spotted without her engagement ring. “There’s all these weird rumors circulating around that I’m not wearing my ring and that Zac and I are broken up. I don’t know what is happening, but you guys, I was holding my phone with my left hand,” the former Bachelor in Paradise star explained in a March 16 Instagram Story.

“Ironically enough, as I was showing my hand, maybe a week-and-a-half ago, my ring was literally swinging around my finger, and a lot of your messaged me like, ‘Don’t lose your ring!’ Well, I was in L.A. for a hot minute and was finally able to drop off my ring and get it sized,” Tayshia recalled, before asking fans to cool it.

“I love that there’s so much love and support around our relationship,” she wrote in a separate post. “But please don’t put unnecessary rumors/pressure on us.” Fortunately, things have calmed down since then and the only news surrounding Tayshia and Zac is positive! The future husband and wife are living together happily in NYC.

According to Zac, who will be participating in the Goggins Challenge on Friday, April 9, to raise money and awareness for addiction and mental health, he and Tayshia are “100 percent” still learning about each other. “It’s every day there’s something new, right? So, you know, like everything from bedtimes to how we wake up to how we like our coffee,” he details. “She’s got a super mega sweet tooth that she tries to keep on the [down-low] and pawn off to me — there’s all this stuff. It kind of comes out in a relationship which has just been fun.”