Kelsey Anderson was aware that she was going to be Joey Graziadei’s final pick on The Bachelor even before her conversation with Daisy Kent during the finale. Daisy spilled the tea about the ladies’ emotional talk, which led to them traveling to the final rose ceremony together

“[We were] just talking about how I was feeling, talking about how she was feeling, talking about [how] we want the best for each other and me saying, ‘He’s not my person. I know he’s your person,’” Daisy, 25, said on the Tuesday, April 2, episode of the “Bachelor Happy Hour” podcast. “She knew it was her and she knew it wasn’t me. And she said, ‘I’ve been worried about you all week because I felt that it was going to be me.’”

The Minnesota native explained that she decided to catch up with Kelsey, 25, before the rose ceremony because of the “friendship” they’d built throughout the season. “I know [she and Joey] both really cared about me and I wanted them to know that I was going to be OK,” Daisy explained. “And that I supported them and I [wanted] them to be happy. Even though this was really hard for me, it’s still something that I can be happy for them for.”

the bachelors daisy on wha kelsey said in finale convo

After the emotional talk, the women went to the rose ceremony, where Daisy ended things with Joey and told him that she knew he wasn’t picking her. In the podcast interview, she admitted that she was already having feelings of doubt the previous week.

“When I saw him and Kelsey [after the final three rose ceremony], I could just tell there was this energy between them,” Daisy recalled. “And I was like, ‘I don’t think it’s me,’ for a second. I remember thinking that. And then I remember I broke down crying and they both hugged me.”

Despite “[blocking] it out” when she met Joey’s family during the finale, Daisy became “so filled with anxiety” as the last rose ceremony approached. Looking back, she realized that “there was something always missing” between her and the tennis instructor.

“I felt in ways I was kind of trying to force [something] to be there because I felt like we are a lot alike in ways,” she continued. “But I also … I just felt like there was something always missing between us. And I think for a period of the show, I just kind of ignored it. And then when it got to the ending I was like, ‘Yeah, I’m right. There is something missing between us.’”

After Joey, 28, and Daisy’s breakup, he got engaged to Kelsey on the beach in Mexico. Since the finale aired on March 25, the couple has been spending time in New Orleans, where Kelsey lives. This summer, they’re planning on moving to New York City together. 

Meanwhile, Daisy is focusing on herself and even turned down the offer to star as the lead on The Bachelorette. “Right now it’s just not a good time for me to do something like that,” she said. “But I loved being on the show and I had such a great experience.”