Passing the torch! The Golden Bachelor alum Leslie Fhima joined Kelsey Anderson for a pep talk on the Monday, March 11, episode of The Bachelor and Kelsey gushed over their conversation on social media after the episode aired.

“Leslie helped me realize regardless the outcome I will be okay,” Kelsey, 25, shared on her Instagram Story. “I am so thankful for our talk. Please please be kind.” 

Leslie, 65, also posted about her visit to Mexico and called Kelsey a “beautiful soul.” After making it to the final two on The Golden Bachelor and being dumped by Gerry Turner ahead of the last rose ceremony, Leslie had a lot of insight to share with Kelsey. 

The personal trainer urged Kelsey not to get her hopes up that she would be the one picked by Joey Graziadei in the end. “I wish I wouldn’t have felt so confident because then I was devastated,” Leslie admitted. “[I was] very, very sad because I was really in love with him. I would not wish that on my worst enemy, that feeling I had where I was confident and that was it.” 

The women also bonded about losing their mothers at a young age and Leslie shared her advice for how Kelsey should handle things on the show going forward. “Be completely organic,” she said. “Don’t let anything come into your head. Be present. Just be focused on each other and make use of every second.”

During her fantasy suite date, Kelsey told Joey, 28, that she was “in love” with him. However, her conversation with Leslie was weighing on her mind and she eventually began having doubts about her future with the tennis instructor. The episode ended with Kelsey leaving Joey a note at his hotel room that said, “We need to talk.” 

Two other Golden Bachelor stars, Susan Noles and Sandra Mason, also appeared as mentors during the episode. Susan, 67, met with Rachel Nance, while Sandra, 75, caught up with Daisy Kent

Joey went to the fantasy suite with all three women and told both Daisy, 25, and Kelsey that he was “falling in love” with them. Viewers will get to see how things play out after Joey reads Kelsey’s note during the Women Tell All special on March 18. The Hawaii resident will also eliminate one of the remaining three women. Joey’s journey to find love will then conclude with the season 28 finale on March 25.