True Thompson’s Cutest Looks Prove She’s a Fashion Icon — See Her Best Outfits So Far

When it comes to fashion, True Thompson is an icon in the making! Thanks to her mom, Khloé Kardashian, the toddler is always rockin’ the cutest outfits.

But her mom isn’t the only one responsible for her incredible looks. True “already loves picking out her own clothes,” a source exclusively revealed to Life & Style, adding that her “closet is to die for.”

The Keeping Up With the Kardashians star likes to get creative and incorporate fashion into her daughter’s playtime. “Khloé will turn it into a fun dress up game, of course, and ask her what she wants to wear today,” the insider shared. “There’s got to be thousands of dollars worth of clothes in there. True is already a mini-fashionista. It’s adorable.”

Who knows? At this rate, True may grow up to be a designer like her mama. Khloé founded the Good American label in 2016. The reality starlet uses her brand to uplift others by promoting body positivity, and that mission was partially inspired by her daughter.

“I think it’s really important now, especially as a mother of a tiny girl, that she never grows up thinking that she should be any sort of way,” Khloé told Harper’s Bazaar. “Look at this room, we’re all so different: our sizing, our shapes, our height. That’s the beauty of what women are.”

She’s also grateful that True is growing up in a different time where there are so many women celebrating all different body types. That wasn’t the case for Khloé.

“When I was younger, the look was heroin chic, we all loved Kate Moss,” she continued. “I think Kate Moss is fabulous, but that’s never something I could’ve been. When I was younger I was rounder and chubbier. I thought, ‘Who can I look up to?’ I loved Victoria’s Secret models, not that I wanted to be one, but they had bigger breasts, and a little curve. Then J. Lo came around and … she’s the oracle. I totally looked up to her.”

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