It’s gonna take some getting used to! Most Bachelorette contestants fade intro obscurity after appearing on the show, but not Hannah Brown‘s runner-up Tyler Cameron! The hunky heartthrob found himself getting more attention than ever after he was spotted hanging out with supermodel Gigi Hadid, and on August 28 he admitted that it’s been “weird” getting used to paparazzi chasing him around New York City.

“It’s definitely a learning experience and, you know, it’s … I don’t know. It’s weird,” he said when asked about being snapped by photographers recently on the “Bachelor Party” podcast. Tyler admitted that he only realizes he’s being photographed about 50 percent of the time, so seeing those pics of himself out on the town with his new lady friend can be a little unsettling. “I don’t know, it’s just … it’s a weird world that I’d never expected, you know?”

Tyler Cameron Spotlight Gigi Hadid
Swan Gallet/WWD/Shutterstock; MEGA

While Tyler didn’t want to talk specifically about the new model in his life, he was happy to chat about his own modeling career, and the “new friends” *cough cough, Gigi* that he’s made along the way. “Modeling is something that is a vehicle for me,” he admitted. “Like I really thoroughly enjoy modeling for the fact that I’ve met such amazing people. It’s definitely taken some time to get used to being behind a camera and being comfortable with that and embracing that.” To be fair, we never sensed any discomfort looking at his steamy editorials!

Tyler has been spending an awful lot of time with Gigi since moving to New York, and he credits the change in location with helping him get over Hannah. “It was like, whenever I thought about [getting dumped after proposing,] I would hit up my friends and just keep myself busy,” he said, admitting he was truly ready to be engaged and “it hurt” to be rejected.

“That’s why like I had to get out of Jupiter [Florida] and get to New York, because New York keeps me so busy. I just got myself very busy and, and kind of put my nose to the grindstone and just started working and grinding and you know, just kinda being around people helped me get through those things. And I have great friends and they were always looking out for me.” We’re glad he has so many great people behind him!