David and Victoria Beckham made headlines after the professional soccer player’s docuseries, Beckham, premiered in October 2023. The power couple grabbed fans’ attention as they discussed everything from career challenges to alleged affairs in their marriage. However, the moment the family patriarch called out Victoria’s “working class” statement really captivated the audience.

The former Spice Girl claimed to have grown up in a “very ​working-class” family during a confessional in the Netflix docuseries, which led David to enter the room and urge her to “be honest.”

“What car did your dad drive you to school in?” he told his wife, to which she replied, “In the ‘80s, my dad had a Rolls Royce.”

So, did Victoria actually come from a ​working-class family?

Was Victoria Beckham Working Class?

The fashion designer is the eldest child of parents Jackie and Anthony Adams and shares younger siblings, Louise and Christian. Victoria’s mother held two jobs as an insurance clerk and hairdresser while her dad worked as an electronics engineer. Although they both dedicated a lot of time to their careers, they made sure to provide the best life they could to Victoria and her siblings.

Was Victoria Beckham Working Class? Rolls Royce Comments
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In 2017, Posh Spice and her mother gave British Vogue a grand tour of her childhood home and the estate was nothing short of breathtaking. Not to mention, it was equipped with all the amenities one could need.

During her interview with the outlet, Victoria revealed that her parents bought their property “as a shell” and they remodeled the entire house.

“My dad worked really hard to have the money for us to have a nice house, so Mum would not let us stick posters up and I wouldn’t let my kids stick posters up,” she told the publication, who reported that her dad made a lot of money in the 1980s. “My family brought me up telling me I could achieve absolutely anything. Whenever I said I can’t do it, my dad, he just wouldn’t hear it. He’d say, ‘What do you mean you can’t do it? Why? Why?’ And I do that to my own children as well.”

How Did Fans React to Victoria Beckham’s Rolls Royce Comment?

Fans weren’t too happy with Victoria’s claim of being working class, especially after David called her out for her dad’s luxury car that currently retails well into the six digits.

“Omg I just fell in love with David Beckham. Victoria Beckham trying to hide the fact her dad owned a Rolls Royce & she went to an expensive school but pretending she’s ‘working class’ what a lying trollop,” one person tweeted on October 5.

A second person wrote, “Victoria Beckham trying to pass herself off as working class, when her dad had a Rolls Royce … not even a merc or a BMW… a whole ROLLS ROYCE.”

The family matriarch has yet to publicly react to the backlash as of publication.