One of the best parts of Bachelor in Paradise is the unexpected pairings between the franchise’s hottest singles. Before season 9 began, fans were under the impression that Brayden Bowers and Kat Izzo and Rachel Recchia and Blake Moynes would be the top couples on the beach. However, it seems like things may be brewing between Brayden and Rachel during their time on the beach.

What Happened Between Brayden and Rachel on ‘Bachelor in Paradise’?

After being deemed the villain of Charity Lawson’s season of The Bachelorette, Brayden became Rachel’s shirtless knight in shining armor during episode 4.

Although Sean McLaughlin gave Rachel a rose during night one, he had unwavering feelings for Jess Girod. Without talking about his conflicting attraction to Rachel, Sean decided to confess his feelings toward Jess who ended up friend-zoning him.

Once Brayden caught wind of what was going on, he approached Rachel and told her what was going on with Sean. The traveling nurse didn’t express his romantic feelings toward the pilot, but things quickly heated up between the pair after bartender Wells Adams pulled out the Paradise Truth Box. Someone on the love-filled beach wrote an anonymous submission that Rachel and Brayden make out, so they did.

“Brayden’s definitely the best kisser on the beach,” Rachel said in a confessional. “I was definitely so surprised by how much chemistry we have. I do feel happy.”

The two are set to go on their first date during episode 5.

Do Brayden and Rachel Get Engaged on ‘Bachelor in Paradise’?

Viewers will have to wait and see how Rachel and Brayden’s PDA-filled romance plays out, but they are not one of the confirmed couples to leave the show engaged.

Who Has Rachel Recchia Previously Dated?

The Ohio University alumna made her Bachelor Nation debut during Clayton Echard’s season of The Bachelor. Rachel made it to the finale with Gabby Windey, but both of their journeys came to an end after Susie Evans returned.

Though Clayton and Susie ended up together, Rachel got a second shot at love alongside Gabby when they became the first coleads during The Bachelorette season 19.

Rachel accepted Tino Franco’s proposal at the end of the season, but their engagement was short lived after the general contractor admitted that he cheated on her.

“I messed up, and I kissed another girl,” he told Rachel oncamera after filming wrapped. “The second I did, I knew I belonged with you, and this was the tiniest thing ever, so I just tried to … get past it.”

Who Has Brayden Bowers Previously Dated?

Brayden was a frontrunner during the early episodes of The Bachelorette season 20 after Charity gave him her first impression rose. However, he managed to get on everyone’s bad side, including Charity’s, and was sent home during week 4 after the leading lady admitted that Brayden’s hostile actions reminded her of past toxic relationships.

Not to mention, the San Diego resident’s ex-girlfriend Patty posted a TikTok video when the season was airing in real time, claiming he went on the show shortly after she met his parents.

“Two scared-of-commitment people put together was interesting. It all ended for the greater good. I wish you the best of luck on your journey,” she wrote in the July 2023 clip.

Now, Brayden is single and mingling in Paradise.