If you're anything like us, then the breaks between seasons of The Bachelor and its spinoffs is nothing short of excruciating. American Idol and Dancing with the Stars are cool and all, but we can't help missing Bachelor Nation and all the drama that comes with it. Bachelor in Paradise is definitely our fave, but when does Season 5 actually start?

Well first things first, we know that there definitely will be a fifth season (despite the drama of Season 4) because Chris Harrison announced that Bekah Martinez would join the cast at the Bachelor finale. No premiere date has been set, but we're guessing it'll be the first week in August.

Prior to the DeMario/Corinne scandal halting production in 2017, the premiere date had been set for Aug. 8 and was pushed to Aug. 14. Usually, it begins airing immediately after The Bachelorette, which begins airing in May and continues for three months. August is a pretty safe bet.

Last year, Bachelor In Paradise began taping their dramatic fourth season in mid-June, and this year we expect them to do the same. Thus far, Bekah M is the only cast member that's confirmed, and she's been posting new Instagram stories of her glam adventures every day, so she's certainly not in Mexico yet. Last year they waited to film long enough to include the Bachelorette's suitors on the cast of BIP (like Dean, remember?). Bachelorette just began filming, so that's going to take a while too.

In the meantime, we're keeping busy by trying to guess who else will be joining the cast. There have been reports that some of the international cast members from Winter Games might be trading in their skis for surfboards, but we'll just have to wait and see! It may feel like forever, but we really just need to make it until May so we can watch Bachelorette and then BIP!

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