Love is in the air! Bachelor alum Becca Tilley has found someone special to date, but the reality starlet is choosing not to disclose too much information about their identity just yet. “I am really happy,” the 30-year-old told Life & Style exclusively at the launch of her new Macy’s capsule collection, Becca Tilley x bar III, on October 3. “It’s almost harder not to talk about it, but it’s something I am keeping private for now. It’s nice that it’s my own.”

So, does the brunette beauty’s new beau support her new clothing line endeavor? “Oh, yes, of course!” she exclaimed. “I give a lot — I am very public with a lot, so it’s nice that it’s my own and something that I get to choose to keep to myself. I mean, people know. People that are close to me know.”

Even though Becca is in a good spot right now, she admitted that it’s hard not to post about her new relationship all over social media. “I think it’s a lot of pressure of feeling like you want — like, people want it, so I am like a people pleaser,” she confessed. “I am like, ‘Oh, God. They want it. I need to do it!’ But I have to remember that it’s my life.” Will we ever meet Becca’s new flame? “One day, maybe!” she quipped.

Becca Tilley Wearing a Sweater Taking a Mirror Selfie
Courtesy of Becca Tilley/Instagram

Meanwhile, the California native is adding to her resume after she was asked by Macy’s to create a fashion line. “So, I was approached to do the line right before I went home for Christmas, so it was right before the New Year,” she shared. “It was the best Christmas news ever, like going home, it was like getting to tell my family was awesome. I feel really spoiled because it couldn’t have gone better. It couldn’t have been easier or more enjoyable than it was.”

The “Scrubbing In With Becca Tilley and Tanya Rad” podcast host’s collection includes animal prints, pops of color and neutrals. “I really just went off of what I feel comfortable in,” she said. “I wanted to have pieces for every situation, whether you’re going to work, whether you’re going to an event, whether you’re going out to dinner with friends, whether you’re just going out and want to throw on a cozy sweater. I kind of wanted something for everyone. I live in comfortable clothes, so it was fun that I got to do an assortment. It wasn’t limited to one type of clothing and kind of includes everything.”

Of course, Becca asked her BFF and fellow Bachelor Nation star JoJo Fletcher for advice since she has her own line, Fletch. “When you just have a best friend in general, you’re asking them questions like what are the pros and cons of the certain styles that you choose,” she admitted. “She is just the best. She is encouraging of anything I do, so I feel like I could create a paper bag, and she would be like, ‘That is awesome.'”

Becca Tilley Wearing a Brown Suit at Her collection in NYC
Michael Simon/

While Becca was a bit nervous to announce the news, she gushed that the response has been overwhelming. “I think [I had] almost 500 comments of people just being like, ‘This was so awesome.’ I am so excited, which is the best case scenario,” she said. “It was really cool that people care and that they are excited about it because I am excited for it!”

BRB, going to buy everything ASAP!

Becca’s collection launches on Wednesday, October 9, online and in select Macy’s stores.