5 Signs You’re In Love With Harry Connick, Jr. After Last Night’s 'American Idol' Premiere (VIDEO)

American idol harry connick jr

Obsessed with Harry Connick, Jr. after watching American Idol? You're not alone!


Fact: We’re crushing hard on new American Idol judge Harry Connick, Jr.

And by the looks of fan response on social media after last night’s season 13 premiere, you are, too, if you’re reading this.

Though we love our stylish Jennifer Lopez and the super-handsome Keith Urban, we found ourselves going gaga every single time the crooner’s face graced the screen.

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Here are 5 signs you’ve got a thing goin’ on (just like us!) for the super sexy 46-year-old:

1) You dreamed about those baby blues all night long

2) You've spent countless hours photoshopping your head on this guy’s body harry conick on Make A Gif

3)You’re incredibly jealous of Jillian Jensen (yes, the bullying girl from X Factor)...

Because she got to freakin' hug him

4) You’re still giggling at his jokes...

...and picturing the two of you laughing off into the sunset on a horse together

5) You’re not just envious of J.Lo’s clothes anymore

Now you can’t deal with the fact she gets to touch him all the time

(By the way, this is what he sounds like when he sings — SUH-WOON)

By Chantal Waldholz / @blondieewood

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