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‘And Just Like That’ Fashion Easter Eggs: Which ‘SATC’ Items Are Returning for Show’s Revival

Carrie Bradshaw had a massive closet, along with a huge accessory collection. So, it comes as no surprise that Sarah Jessica Parker has already been seen wearing items seen on Sex and the City in the show’s HBO MAX revival, And Just Like That.

While Patricia Fields was the costumer on all six seasons of the show as well as the two feature films that followed, her successor Molly Rogers is doing a fantastic job of pulling pieces that are both iconic, as well as obscure, for the new series.

As the revival’s filming is underway in New York City, the most surprising item from Carrie’s closet to reappear is the Manolo Blahnic “Hangisi” blue satin jewel buckle pumps that she wore to wed “Mr. Big” John Preston in during the final moments of the first film.

Chris Noth‘s character even slipped one of the shoes on Carrie’s foot to re-propose to her in the movie. The iconic footwear proved to be better than any diamond ring.

And Just Like That Fashion Easter Eggs

Another accessory that played a big part of Carrie and Big’s relationship has also made a reappearance. In the first film, Sarah Jessica was wearing a Streets Ahead USA black leather and silver studded “Roger” belt along with a pink sheath dress when she broke the news to Miranda, Charlotte and Samantha that she and Big has decided to get married.

In And Just Like That, the belt is back! SJP wore it along with a pink Carolina Herrera shirt dress while filming scenes on July 20, along with costars Cynthia Nixon and Kristin Davis. Thirteen years since it was last seen, the belt still looks just as chic as it did in the 2008 movie.

Fans either loved or loathed Carrie’s fondness for oversized floral lapel pins in Sex and the City season 3. The look is back in the new series, as SJP was photographed wearing a massive blue rose-shaped lapel pin while shooting a scene on July 23. The accessory was a trademark in her first round of dating John Corbett’s Aiden Shaw, so perhaps it’s a precursor that Carrie and Aiden’s love story could see a new chapter.

“I’m going to do the show,” John confirmed to Page Six in April, adding being part of the revival is “very exciting” for him. And the actor isn’t just making a cameo, as he told the site, “I think I might be in quite a few,” when asked how many episodes he will appear in.

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