Bachelor in Paradise stars Kat Izzo and John Henry Spurlock got engaged in the season 9 finale, but that doesn’t always mean a happily ever after in the real world. Are Kat and John Henry still together?

Who Did John Henry Date During ‘Bachelor in Paradise’ Season 9?

John Henry and Kat found themselves in the middle of a messy love triangle alongside fellow contestant Olivia Lewis. Olivia and John Henry hit it off early on during the season, but by episode 6, he began to have feelings for Kat. Ultimately, Olivia left Paradise single and there’s no word on whether or not she’s dating someone now. Fans did notice that she posted a Halloween photo dressed up as Barbie with a mystery man dressed as Ken by her side. When a fan asked about him in the comments, he replied, “I’m just Ken.”

Why Did Fans Call Kat a Hypocrite for Dating John Henry?

Audiences first met Kat on Zach Shallcross’ season 27 of The Bachelor, and the program manager made it all the way up until the hometown dates with Zach. During Bachelor in Paradise, Kat quickly developed a connection with Brayden Bowers early in the season, but later cozied up to Tanner Courtad. When Tanner chose to take Davia Esther on a date, Kat had a bit of a meltdown, which fans labeled hypocritical. However, she appeared on the November 7, 2023, episode of the podcast “Bachelor Happy Hour” to explain to viewers why she acted that way.

“So when you saw me losing my mind, it was also because I just didn’t really know where we stood,” Kat explained. “ It might have come off like hypocritical and like I got karma, but at least with Brayden, he had some idea of where our relationship stood. I really had no idea with Tanner. I knew he wanted to be open, but I gave him the rose and I wasn’t sure if things had changed.”

After John Henry’s drama with Olivia came to an end, he was all in on Kat, and the pair continued to grow their romance. The pair went on an overnight date during the finale episode. “I definitely want to be with you outside of here,” John Henry assured Kat during the date.

Regardless of how things began for the duo, everything worked out in the end when Kat and John Henry were one of the two couples to get engaged this season on Bachelor in Paradise. During the proposal, Kat gushed that their love was “once in a lifetime.”

'Bachelor in Paradise' star Kat Izzo
ABC/Craig Sjodin

Are ‘Bachelor in Paradise’ Couple Kat and John Henry Still Together?

Filming for season 9 of ABC’s reality TV show ended in June 2023, which means a few months have passed since John Henry popped the question on the beaches of Mexico. However, according to reality TV guru Reality Steve, the couple are still happily engaged.

The blogger shared a video clip on X, formerly known as Twitter, on July 17, 2023, showing Kat and John Henry together at a restaurant called Rudee’s in Virginia Beach.

“Kat and John Henry are absolutely together, and I’m pretty sure they got engaged at the end of BiP filming,” Reality Steve wrote at the time. “Here is a video of them last Sat night July 8th at Rudee’s in Virginia Beach. Onlookers said they were holding hands and were an obvious couple.”

At the end of the finale episode, an update on Kat and John Henry’s relationship was given, stating that they were still “happily engaged” and moving in together.