Love is most definitely in the air for Chrishell Stause and G Flip! The Selling Sunset star and Australian musician “did” get married, despite what people think.

“Well, honestly, I think that everyone is [acting] like that’s the thing. They’re like, ‘Gotcha,'” Chrishell shared during a May appearance on Sirius XM’s Hits 1 station when asked if she was a married woman. “But to be honest with you, we knew if we did it, we would also hear people say, ‘Oh, you know, G wants a green card.’ Where it’s like G already has a passport, a visa.”

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Are Chrishell Stause and G Flip Married?

The couple announced on May 10 that they had officially tied the knot. When sharing a behind-the-scenes video of G’s “Be Your Man” single, Chrishell revealed a Las Vegas wedding photo of the pair.

“We got vows tattooed. We did, like, the whole thing,” the real estate agent shared during her Sirius XM interview, deciding to keep the details of the tattoos private for now.

“I think we should keep it to ourselves,” G Flip added when discussing their vows. “We’ve shared nearly everything about this. We’ve shared so much.”

Lovers! Are Chrishell Stause and G Flip Still Together? Marriage Updates
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That being said, the drummer did reveal that they and Chrishell always agreed on the way they wanted to get married.

“I always said if I was ever to get married, I’d want to do it in Vegas,” G shared. “Then, I remember when we first started dating, [she] said, ‘Yeah, if I was ever to get married again, it would be in Vegas,’ and my head was like, ‘Oh. That is exactly like me.’”

During the candid conversation, Chrishell also got real about dealing with critics of her new romance.

“It doesn’t matter what we do for the rest of our lives, we’re gonna hear criticism, so we decided we are always just gonna do exactly what we wanna do and I’m not out here to try and prove people how serious it is or how meaningful it was,” she shared. “If you don’t believe it, I don’t care and that’s the best part. I don’t need your approval.”

Despite revealing that she and G are, in fact, married, the real estate agent later revealed why she doesn’t wear a wedding ring after being called out on social media.

“I’m just gonna answer this right now and let you guys know, it’s not gonna be for what you would think,” Chrishell said via her Instagram Story on May 30. “I’m happily married, I’m very happy but I’m not wearing my ring because I have gained weight and I am fine with that.”

She went on to say that she is simply “living [her] best life.”

How Did Chrishell Stause and G Flip Meet?

Chrishell starred in the music video for G’s song “Get Me Outta Here.” Sparks flew when the cameras stopped rolling, and they’ve been going strong ever since. The former soap opera star revealed the relationship during the Selling Sunset season 5 reunion, which premiered via Netflix in May 2022.

“For me, it is about the person. It is about their heart. I am attracted to masculine energy and I don’t really care about what the physical form is. With G, they identify as nonbinary,” Chrishell shared via Instagram following the reunion. “They really feel like they are a mix. They identify on both sides of male and female. I personally find [it] such a beautiful mix and it’s probably why we did connect on such a deep level so quickly.”