Another one bites the dust! Connor Saeli and Whitney Fransway are officially broken up after their unconventional love story on Bachelor in Paradise. Although the duo gushed that they were still “hanging out” during the aftershow — which was filmed in August but aired on September 17 — the stud confirmed on September 19 that their romance has fizzled out. “We rushed into a relationship, and we realized that we just weren’t connecting anymore,” Connor admitted to People about why things ended.

“We realized the relationship was moving really quickly,” the Dallas native continued. “We almost skipped over those beginning of relationship steps, like really getting to know each other. We were basically thrown into a long-distance relationship, and the fact that we had to be private about it (as the show was airing) made it even harder.” He added that “there’s no hard feelings” between them and the split “was 100 percent mutual.” The stud explained that they were “just not right for each other.”

Whitney Fransway Bachelor in Paradise Contestant Selfie
Courtesy of Whitney Fransway Instagram

Their uncoupling began after attending Rachel Lindsay and Bryan Abasolo‘s wedding on August 24 in Mexico. “We started having some serious talks in terms of seeing a future,” the reality star confessed. Then, last week in Los Angeles, they “both agreed breaking up was the right thing to do.”

CONNOR SAELI, CAELYNN MILLER-KEYES Painting Date Bachelor in Paradise
ABC/John Fleenor

The two first crossed paths during season 6 at Chris Randone and Krystal Nielson‘s wedding. “There was something mutual that we both felt,” Connor admitted to the publication. “There was a spark between us and we both wanted to explore it.” The contestant from Hannah Brown‘s season was interested in meeting Whitney but had a short-lived fling with Caelynn Miller-Keyes before she left the show with Dean Unglert. With Caelynn gone and the brunette beauty nowhere in sight, he decided to also remove himself from the show. 

As luck would have it, Whitney showed up shortly after and was eager to meet him. She immediately left because that was the only guy she was interested in pursuing a romantic relationship with. The producers later set up for the two of them to meet at his hotel room and seemed to immediately connect. “After Mexico, I ended up flying to L.A. with her,” Connor dished about going to her hometown. “I got to meet a bunch of her friends and it was cool to see her life there.”

Good luck, Connor and Whitney!