We saw Justin Bobby spark up a romance with social media mogul Lindsey Pelas on The Hills: New Beginnings, but that didn’t stop fans from shipping the hunk with his ex, Audrina Patridge, after her divorce. Luckily, the flirty exchanges and fan speculation don’t faze the blonde bombshell at all.

“I know that they have a history, but you know, I think we all have our history so I really don’t pry too much into it,” Lindsey, who is an investor at Sugar Taco on Melrose Ave in L.A., which is a women-owned eco-friendly Mexican restaurant, told Life & Style exclusively. Not only does she seem to fully trust her man, but she’s comfortable letting fate decide where they end up.

“I don’t worry about it,” the 28-year-old said when asked if she fears her boyfriend reuniting with his ex someday. “I think that if it’s meant to be, that’s not something to worry about anyway. So I really don’t spend much of this relationship worrying about anything.”

In the meantime, she’s really enjoying getting to know J.B.. She admitted that she met him years ago via Instagram DMs, but they didn’t officially go on their first date until about one year ago. “I think the first date for anyone is always really creepy,” she explained. “I don’t know; at first I think we were both trying to figure each other out but then maybe around the second time we went out, there was definitely a lot more chemistry.”

Lindsey Pelas Poses in Pale Pink Dress

Apparently that’s true, because they’ve been together ever since. While the world sees kind of a “bad boy” in the 37-year-old rocker, Lindsey gets to see a different side of him. “I think he’s a really multi-faceted person,” she gushed. “He’s got a lot of depth and dimensions to him that a lot of people don’t get to see. He’s incredibly talented and funny and obviously really handsome.” We can’t argue there!

So when the couple is off-camera, what do they do? Apparently surfing is a favorite pastime, but they don’t mind vegging out on the couch, either. “We love to watch TV, and eat and chill,” she revealed. “We spend a lot of time with each other’s family so we like to do that when we get a chance.” But don’t expect to hear wedding bells anytime soon; the couple is still taking things slow. “It’s still too early for all that [talking about the future],” she said. But we really enjoy spending time together and it’s been a while. It’s been — I think we met almost a year ago now. So we’ve been enjoying each other’s company.” We can’t wait to see what they do next!

Reporting by Diana Cooper